Landmark Chambers International


6 November 2017

Landmark International at Hong Kong Arbitration Week and the Dubai IFC Academy of Law’s Annual Legal Gala

Landmark International has been represented in the last month at two of the international legal circuit’s major annual events.

John Litton QC attended Hong Kong Arbitration Week on 15th-20th October 2017, organised by the HKIAC and dedicated to international commercial arbitration. Particular themes through the week were the preservation of party autonomy, the development of expedited procedures and the increasing influence of China's Belt and Road policy.

Charles Banner, James Neill, Richard Turney and Admas Habteslasie, together with Chambers Chief Executive Paul Newhall, attended the Dubai International Finance Centre Academy of Law’s Annual Legal Gala on 2nd November 2017, and held meetings beforehand with various law firms to discuss Landmark International’s international offer in the infrastructure and real estate sectors.

Barristers Involved